My goal is to support you on your path to optimal, comprehensive health and increase your well-being.

With therapeutic treatments, useful information and recommendations, I support the promotion of your health and adapt it together with you.

My aim is to accompany you on the path to holistic balance and physical and psychological regeneration and to open up spaces for healing in a mindful, gentle way.


What is Ayurveda medicine and how does it help you achieve better health? Learn how to adapt your diet and lifestyle with Ayurveda.


Learn how to use Ayurveda to find the diet that not only nourishes you but also meets your individual needs and brings you into balance.

Multi-day Ayurveda programmes

With my offer of various Ayurveda programmes, I want to inspire you to create a space of physical and mental regeneration and healing for yourself.

Ayurveda day-programmes

Benefit from the effects of various Ayurveda day programmes and bring your body and mind into balance. For more vitality, pleasure & inner balance.


Experience how Yoga and Ayurveda work together and how to adapt your own practice to your individual ayurvedic constitutional type.


Experience how this massage is performed according to your personal need so that the respective Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) are harmonised again.

therapeutic forest bathing

Discover the healing effects of the forest atmosphere and natural environment while getting in touch with the forest in a wonderful way.


Allow yourself conscious time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and follow me to tranquil retreats where your own needs come first.

At every first consultation I will take a thorough medical history with you. I ask specific questions about your current symptoms, your medical history, your current physical and psychological condition, your diet and your current life situation. I evaluate existing diagnostic data together with you and, if necessary, make recommendations for further examinations.

After I have gained a comprehensive picture of your concerns and state of health, I will work out a detailed therapy recommendation for you.

Every patient comes to my practice with his or her own wishes and ideas for treatments, while individual possibilities to support the body during recovery vary greatly. It is essential to take these differences into account as they both determine the treatment options and flow into my decision on the further course of treatment.

You take an active role on the path to your individual health. I am happy to accompany and support you. If it makes sense to combine forms of therapy, I will advise you in detail.


Practice for Ayurveda Medicine 

and Yoga Therapy

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