Share together & be creative

I am very open to collaborations if you want to suggest something and it feels right for both sides, feel free to contact me without obligation. Whether in companies, a personal setting or at a festival, I am happy to develop ideas with you, work out concepts and share them in one form or another.

From my perspective, creativity has no limits here. My concern is to follow the invitations to accompany people to get in touch with themselves, to learn to feel themselves deeply and connect with their true nature, expression and potential.

An open and honest collaboration is important to me, a mutual growth in and with the work, as well as the invitation to people to develop and grow in this offer. In doing so, I gladly let my skills and creativity flow into the process.

Carried by life’s flow, I am happy to be inspired, to inspire and to let new things unfold. Ahoo!


Practice for Ayurveda Medicine 

and Yoga Therapy

Benzstr. 4

14482 Potsdam

+49 176 28233183


Ayurveda Anamnese Erstgespräch
Thai Massage Potsdam

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