Thai Yoga Massage

During a Thai yoga massage, acupressure, various pressure and stretching techniques, Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures are combined. Through the therapeutic effect on fascia and acupressure points, physical blockages are released and your entire musculoskeletal system is mobilised. As a result, incorrect postures can be prevented or improved.

Sophisticated pressure and stretching techniques characterise far Eastern relaxation methods

During the thai yoga massage I work with gentle stretches, mobilisation of the joints as well as moderate pressure and slowly sink into deeper layers of tissue by using my body weight. The mindful work along the energy pathways and the acupressure points on them create a space for deep relaxation and regeneration.

After a detailed first consultation, the massage will be carried out according to your personal needs in such a way that the respective Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)* can be harmonised again. The treatment takes place in comfortable clothing on a soft mat on the floor.

* Ayurveda describes the doshas as three fundamental principles that operate in external nature, but also permeate our own human nature and thus control all physiological processes. Translated from Sanskrit, it means "that which can cause problems".

Effect & Benefit

Thai yoga massage has a notable healing, balancing and vitalising effect on your body, mind and spirit through sustained activation of the natural self-healing powers.

Through the harmonious interaction of calm and flowing movements and the alternation of tension and relaxation, you will reach a state of deepest relaxation and recuperation during the Thai yoga massage.

The massage benefits your internal organs by working skin-organ reflex arcs. The whole experience is enhanced through stimulating connective tissue, blood circulation and so oxygen supply to your muscles and skin.


In the traditional Asian teachings of Thai yoga massage, pressure on specific acupressure points (marma points) and energy lines (energy meridians) corresponds with relief of the following physical ailments:

Muscular system disorders:
Tension release, adhesions and muscle hardening. Relief from painful muscle tension in the shoulder, back and neck areas.

Psychological health:
Reduces stress and nervousness, serves to prevent burnout symptoms and exhaustion. Relieves listlessness, restlessness, depression, sleep disorders, fatigue, anxiety disorders and dejection.

Pain Syndromes:
Relieves headaches, migraines, musculoskeletal pain, back and joint pain as well as muscle pain and fibromyalgia.

Organ system dysfunction:
Lowers blood pressure and heart rate, increases organ circulation. Relief of irritable bowel syndrome, tinnitus and constipation.


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