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Before medical ayurvedic treatments & therapies, a first consultation takes places to determine your Ayurvedic constitution, to detect disturbances in your constitution and to be able to respond to them in a targeted way. This way I can adjust the massage oils much more precisely and specifically to your individual needs and the treatment has a stronger effect. It is about pursuing a defined goal on the path of becoming and maintaining healthy and to accompany it medically.

After the Ayurvedic diagnosis, I will choose the optimal form of treatment for you. Through specific massage techniques and individually selected herbal oils (from controlled organic farming), I can respond to your constitution and your current state of health. The focus is not on the illness but on you as a whole.

Ayurvedic treatments & therapies improve your well-being in the long term. They invite you to let go, relax, recharge your batteries and support you on your path to staying and becoming healthy. Soothing, relaxing and harmonising massage techniques will bring you deep regeneration or activate your metabolism.

Also medical Ayurveda programmes for the treatment of chronic illnesses or regenerative Ayurveda programmes are possible and highly recommended.

Please note:

  • Before each treatment there is a 15-minute preliminary talk to find out exactly what you need today and what the focus of the treatment will be. This preliminary talk is included in the price.
  • I use only high-quality, herbal oils, which I select before the treatment according to the indication.
  • My treatments and applications can also be purchased as a voucher.

Effective Ayurvedic treatments are designed to invite you to let go, relax, recharge your batteries and support you to stay and become healthy.

Ayurveda Massage - Abhyanga

Classic Abhyanga is a full-body massage with special herbal oils prepared according to traditional recipes. The oils nourish and revitalise the body tissues while removing toxic substances from the cells. By using the right herbal oils deep healing powers are achieved, tissue is strengthened and blood circulation is improved. In addition, the massage beautifies the complexion, reduces stress and has a general rejuvenating effect. The Svedana, a traditional herbal steam bath, often follows Ayurveda massage.

Herbal steam bath - Svedana

Svedana describes therapeutic sweating. It cleanses the body through the skin, waste and toxic substances are eliminated and the heat relieves physical pain. It also heals stiffness, beautifies skin texture and reduces cellulite. These effects are intensified by taking it after an Ayurveda massage (Abhyanga).

pouring of oil or herbal decoctions on the forehead - Shirodhara / Takradhara

Shirodhara uses selected oils and herbal decoctions (Takradhara) poured over the forehead in a series of warm, rhythmic streams over 20 to 40 minutes. As the body and mind enter a deep state of relaxation the patient falls into a kind of trance that is particularly beneficial. Shirodhara revitalises the nervous system, sharpens the senses and improves concentration. In turn, the stress-reducing effect promotes deep relaxation and good sleep. These effects work especially well if they follow an Ayurveda massage.

Herbal bag - Churna Pinda Sveda

From its outward appearance, it is only a cloth bag, usually the size of a fist. Inside, however, the herbal bag is unusual: filled to the brim with herbal mixtures, roasted seed powders or prepared roots that have proven their worth over centuries for a wide variety of ailments. The resulting pinda is heated in herbal oils or juices, depending on the type of application, in order to work the high concentration of active ingredients directly into the affected structures or the entire body with the herbal bag massage. The treatment is used to relieve muscle tension and joint stiffness, as well as helps patients with sprains and cramps to improve their symptoms. The churna pinda sveda can be used to relieve pain as a whole and partial treatment.

Roots, milk and rice bag - Navarakizhi or Shashtika shali pinda sveda

The Navarakizhi or Shashtika shali treatment method is used as an effective rejuvenation technique. A special ayurvedic rice is used, which is filled into a cloth bag and then dipped into a mixture of warm milk and herbs. Parallel to the traditional Ayurveda massage, the whole body of the patient is massaged with these warm cloth bags. The treatment prevents the ageing process and strengthens the tissues. The heat helps with physical pain and helps to reduce body weight.

Coconut and lemon bag - Jambira pinda Sveda

Grated, specially roasted coconut and lots of fresh lemon heated in oil are the contents of the sachet. The intensively firming and slag-reducing properties prove particularly useful for cellulite or as a general beauty and regeneration treatment for the skin. This detoxifying and regenerating pouch is also used for various rheumatic complaints.

Back massage - Prishtabhyanga

Traditionally, the Prishtabhyanga consists of a back massage and a herbal poultice with sweat treatment (Upanaha Sveda). The back massage relieves muscle spasms, tension and back pain. It supports the regeneration of the intervertebral discs and alleviates cervical and lumbar spine syndrome. Overall, it reduces stiffness in the back and helps to achieve more lightness.

The relieving effect of localised herbal oil baths - Kati basti

External Ayurvedic oil applications are called Snehana - Kati Basti is one such traditional oil therapy. A ring of dough is formed in a circle to keep the warm oil on the affected part of the body for a long time.

Those who suffer from back pain, problems with the intervertebral disc or degenerative diseases of the spine, sciatica or tension will find kati basti pleasant and beneficial. Applications such as kati basti, are for pain caused by dryness, immobility, stiffness or incorrect strain. The treatment is concluded with a back massage.

Bastis reach the deepest structures of our body and, applied in series, have a pain-relieving effect on muscle, nerve and intervertebral disc complaints. As an alternative to Kati Basti (back area), the dough basti can also be applied to other parts of the body : Janu Basti - knee area, Hrda Basti - heart or chest area, Nabhi Basti - navel area, Griva Basti - cervical area.

Foot massage - Padabhyanga

This stimulates all organs, promotes the body’s self-healing powers and energy flow. Warm ghee (clarified, medicated butterfat) or medicated herbal oil is used to help bring about deep relaxation and promote strengthening of the whole body (organism).

Ayurvedic foot massage helps with the following complaints: Inner restlessness, states of stress, sleep disorders, visual disturbances, muscle tension and hypersensitivity to pain, sensory disturbances, fatigue, numbness and insensitivity, calf cramps, contractions of the vessels, ligaments and muscles of the legs.

Herbal powder massage - Udvartana

Udvartana is an ayurvedic herbal treatment that is used especially for rheumatism, obesity, constipation, diabetes, heaviness, skin diseases and water retention. Herbs are used to make a paste or powder that stimulates the metabolism and is massaged into the body.

This massage is not as gentle as a pure oil massage and is carried out in a more dynamic way. It has a weight-reducing, tissue-tightening and cleansing effect on the skin, but also on the deeper tissues. Afterwards you feel fresh and stimulated.

Silk glove massage - Garshana

Garshana is a skin-friendly full body massage with raw silk gloves. The dynamic and powerful strokes with a liberating peeling effect revitalise and harmonise the body. They thus have metabolism-stimulating properties and have a weight-reducing and tissue-firming effect.

Head massage with medicated oil - Shiroabhyanga

In massaging the head, neck and shoulders either soothing or stimulating techniques are used, along with a cooling oil in order to not heat the senses up. Four of our major senses, the eyes, nose, ears and tongue, are located in the face and head, so this treatment is particularly effective in preventing and healing ailments that affect them. The head massage helps improve memory, strengthens hair structure and soothes headaches while having a calming effect. It can help a variety of other conditions from dry scalp to itchiness, hair loss, overexertion and insomnia.

relaxing head and face massage - Shiro-Mukabhyanga

This treatment cleanses, massages and nourishes the skin of the head, face and neckline. Warm herbal oil is used to enhance the soothing effect that results in lasting relaxation. Further healing effects include strengthening hair roots, preventing hair loss and premature greying, as well as helping to balance the nervous system and sharpen concentration.

ayurvedic eye treatment - Aksitarpana

Eye treatments using oil are effective for poor vision, dryness and tiredness along with eye muscle tension stiffness. A facial massage, mukabhyanga, is used first to relax the whole area.

ayurvedic nasal treatment - nasya

Preparation begins with a head, face and neck massage, followed by Ayurvedic nasal treatment using medicated oil. Regular cures are effective for rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, headaches, ringing in the ears and loss of sense of smell.

Back treatment with poultice - Upanahasveda

The first stage is a full back massage with warm herbal oil. Then a gently heated comfrey poultice is used for its anti-inflammatory effect and pain relieving qualities. It is a powerful cure for bruises, strains, sprains and muscle aches.

Herbal poultice - lepa

After prior oiling, compresses with special herbs are applied locally (e.g. knee or hand) and left on the skin for a few minutes. They have a pain-relieving, circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory effect.




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