Yoga therapy, used regularly, leads to significant improvement in your health by promoting physical and mental balance.

Yoga uses postures to promote physical conditioning, balance physiological body functions and relaxation. Yoga therapy applies these techniques in individual treatments to relieve specific ailments and improve well-being. With its versatile applications, yoga therapy is especially helpful in rehabilitation, pain relief and sleep improvement.

your personal yoga practice

I work with you over an agreed time period to develop a personal practice programme. In the step-by-step process of creating this practice the focus is on you, your needs and possibilities.

For the development of a sustainable and effective practice, a period of five lessons (approx. 50 minutes each) has proven to be effective. This block will last about two to four months in consultation with you.

Should it make sense to combine your yoga practice with other forms of therapy in  Ayurveda medicine in form of therapeutic Ayurveda treatments or nutritional therapy , I will advise you in detail.

1. Consultation

In the first hour, you explain your personal concerns and wishes regarding your yoga practice. This is followed by a detailed introductory conversation and medical history, in which I find out the current conditions, possible existing physical complaints, possibilities and limitations together with you. According to the results of this consultation, the direction and extent of the exercise sequence to be worked out will be determined. This will be followed by a first exercise practice for you.

2. first practice

At the next meeting we will develop a first practice for you and go through it together. After each lesson you will receive a recorded copy of the practice plan created especially for you, with the precise instructions you have received. It will help you to continue your practice independently at home.

3. development, deepening correction

In the following three lessons we will continuously develop your exercise plan and the individual exercises together. In addition to already recognisable effects, it is above all your own experiences in your practice that we will use as a guide. In this way, each further sequence can be corrected and deeper adapted to your needs and possibilities. This proves a high effectiveness and sustainability for your jointly developed yoga practice.

additional hours

Afterwards, you always have the opportunity to take further individual classes, in short or very long intervals; be it to intensify your practice, revitalise it or react to changing circumstances and needs.




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